If you are new to the studio please follow these instructions to register your family and add classes.



  • We are switching to a more family friendly system commencing in June 2017 and will have it up and running just in time for the official start of our Summer Semester.

If you have any problems or would like to register in person send us an email at info@messyplaystudio.com.


  • Some of our classes are available as a single class and others are part of a session or series of classes.
  • Make sure that you’re child is dressed in clothing that are you won’t mind getting dirty/stained while in the class.
  • Some of our natural paints used in the Messy Play program can have the tendency to stain (the red and purple paints in particular)
  • We recommend that parents in the Messy Play SessionsĀ also wear clothing that are fine to get messy in as it is probably inevitable that you’ll be getting messy too!
  • A towel and a change of clothing for little one is also recommended. If it’s warm babies can also play in a onesieĀ – it’s really about what you are comfortable with and will make this experience fun for you and your little one.
  • There’s always choice available in each class and you are free to move around from station to station following your child’s interest. We are flexible and strive to provide a stress free experience for our families.